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May 10, 1996--Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Wonder Computers International is pleased to announce two exclusive
distribution agreements for Amiga products in North America.

Lazarus Engineering Corp.  of Canada and Quasar Distribution of Australia
have signed WCi as their designated distribution source for the Amiga
markets in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Lazarus Engineering Corp.  develops and manufactures the KB-10 IBM
PC-keyboard adapter for Amiga computers, as well as DesignWorks 2, a
structured drawing package.  Quasar Distribution is the publisher of
QuarterBack, DirWork, and PC-Task, including the imminent version 4.0.

Wonder CEO Mark Habinski remarked, "We are pleased to have the chance to
rebuild our strong ties with major Amiga industry developers."
WCi will stock and handle dealer purchases for all of these products on the
continent.  Inquiries can be directed to Keynes Emeruwa, Manager of WCi
Distribution, at Wonder Corporate Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Contact: Keynes Emeruwa

Retail line: 613-721-1800
Retail fax:  613-721-6992

Distribution/Dealer line: 613-721-1993
Distribution/Dealer fax:  613-721-1994


May 10, 1996--Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

On April 16, 1996, Wonder Computers International took possession of a 
large parcel of property from the bankrupt Wonder Computers Inc.   The 
past few weeks have been spent organizing the new company and its Amiga 
inventory, and the time has come to officially launch the firm as an 
Amiga sales and support institution.

Wonder Computers International is pleased to announce its Federal
incorporation as "Wonder Computers 1996" in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, as of
May 2, 1996.  Wonder Computers International will continue to use its trade
names and logos: Wonder Computers Inc.  (with the trademark "rainbow
Wonder"), and WCi (With the golden rendered letters, and multi-coloured
spherical dot over the "i").

Wonder Computers International has announced its first two Amiga sales 
centers, with plans for a third in the immediate future.

The retail operations will initially consist of an Ottawa-based
full-service store, a Vancouver based sales office, and an Ottawa based WCi
Distribution Division.  The company will continue to offer comprehensive
support of the Amiga platform, while increasing its focus on desktop video
solutions.  Company President and CEO., Mark Habinski has stated that he
looks forward "to renewing Wonder's former close co-operation with Amiga
Technologies and NewTek", and that he believes "together we will build a
bright future for the Amiga in North America". 

Wonder Computer's Ottawa store will open May 18th, while the administrative
aspects of the business should be on track a week earlier.  The Ottawa
retail store will have its Grand Opening Saturday June 1st, with a number
of distinguished guests expected to be in attendance.  The Vancouver sales
office is already under operation.

When asked about Wonder's plans for the future, Habinski replied that
Wonder would be opening a centrally-located Toronto based retail store
"sometime early next quarter", and that a full Vancouver retail store would
follow shortly thereafter.  A fourth store is expected next Spring, but its
location has not yet been finalised.  Wonder will also be pursuing
franchising opportunities in other Canadian markets, and major centres
across the United States.

Wonder Computers will also continue to be actively involved in supporting
and sponsoring Amiga-oriented trade shows across the continent in coming
months.  In addition, Wonder plans to build on the achievements of its
highly successful Toronto-based World of Amiga 1995 show by repeating the
event this coming December.  More details on the upcoming show, for both
visitors and exhibitors, can be expected early in July.

Internet Service Providing will continue to remain an important aspect of
Wonder Computers' business.  "We'd like to provide our Amiga customers with
a one-stop ISP, tailored to their needs", stated Habinski.  Wonder's unique
position as Amiga specialists places them in an excellent position to
provide Amiga enthusiasts with knowledgeable support and customer service
for such an undertaking.

    Mark Habinski, President/CEO
    Wonder Computers International
   "Leading Edge Computing - Amiga Innovation"

For Ottawa inquiries, contact

Rob Parker
Wonder Computers Int'l.
1315 Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8J7

613-721-1800 voice
612-721-6992 fax

For Vancouver inquiries, contact

Brad Barnett
Wonder Computers Int'l.
2229 Edinburgh St.
New Westminster, BC V3M 2Y2

604-524-2151 voice

For Toronto inquiries, contact

Mark Habinski
Wonder Computers Int'l.
1315 Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8J7

613-721-1993 voice
613-721-1994 fax