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  Executives to Discuss Pending Acquisition of Amiga, ITV Opportunities
Chicago IL, May 9, 1996 - Visual Information Service Corp.  (Nasdaq VICP,
Bulletin Board), a developer of Interactive TV (ITV) set-top boxes to
enhance television use and viewing by providing Internet access and
electronic communications functions, will host a meeting for Amiga computer
users, vendors, retailers, software and hardware developers.  The meeting
will be held in Toulouse, France on Sunday, May 19, 1996 and is intended to
encourage dialogue between the Amiga community and VIScorp, which announced
on April 11, 1996, a letter of understanding with Escom AG to acquire the
assets and intellectual property of Amiga Technologies and the former
Commodore Business Machines.
"The Amiga community is a large, established and dedicated one, and I
believe this is the first time that an owner or prospective owner has gone
to this vast community to ask for its opinions," said Raquel Velasco,
VIScorp's Director of Sales and Marketing - Europe.  "We are excited about
the opportunity to tell people about VIScorp and our vision for the future
of Amiga Technologies.
"We have asked for proposals and suggestions from the Amiga community. 
With the `anticipated acquisition of Amiga, we see limitless opportunities.
We welcome ideas and are coming to France to listen, as much as to share
our own vision."
The meeting will feature VIScorp Chief Executive Officer William Buck,
Chief Technical Officer Don Gilbreath, Vice President - Business
Development David Rosen, Ms.  Velasco, and Chief Software Engineer Carl
The company asks that all proposals be sent by May 12, 1996 via email to
VIScorp Manager of Technical Development for Amiga, Eric Laffont, at: or via facsimile at: 33-61-538-656.
VIScorp has announced that it intends to begin marketing its first set-top
box with full Internet and Web capabilities, called the Universal Internet
Television Interface(r), (UITI(r)) in the fourth quarter of 1996.  The
company says an enhanced set-top device, the Electronic Device(r) (ED(r))
is scheduled for roll out in 1997, and will feature capabilities such as
telephone reception and dial-up, facsimile, pay-per-view options,
electronic mail, access to on-line services, including the Internet, and
more.  Both devices utilize the Amiga operating system and chip sets.
Information about VIScorp can be obtained at the company's Web site at
   111 North Canal Street, Suite 933
   Chicago, IL 60606
   Corporate Information Contact: Florine Radulovic
   Voice 312.655.0903
   FAX 312.655.0910