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    2.0 (25.4.1996)


    Michael Link (


ScreenTab is a powerful commodity to make switching screens and windows
more comfortable.  It's main functionality is derived from the well known
"Alt+Tab"-Feature of Windoze.

It enables you to switch between different screens or windows by using a
special key combination (e.g.  'LAmiga + Tab').  When you press it, a
little window appears on the frontmost screen and lets you cycle through
all screen (window) titles.  When releasing the keys, the chosen screen
(window) will come to front.

If you don't want to switch without the mouse, move the mouse-pointer at
the lower edge of the screen, and a cool taskbar (to be more exactly
"screenbar") appears with the actual opened screens.


- external MUI-Interface for nearly absolute configuration of ScreenTab
- ScreenTab can now display IFF-Images in front of the screen name.  A
  whole bunch of nice images is included in the archive.
- Win95-like taskbar (incl. clock) for screen-switching


Requires at least Kickstart/Workbench 2.04.
Localization features of WB 2.1+ are supported.

Needs MUI 3 for the preferences, the commodity runs without MUI !


ScreenTab is available from any Aminet site, for instance:


ScreenTab is GIFTWARE


ScreenTab is freely distributable.

Any re-distribution has to include all files in the archive without any
modifications.  Additions of files to the archive are NOT allowed.

ScreenTab may be freely distributed via BBSs, InterNet/UseNet, software
libraries such as Fred Fish's and Aminet CD-ROM, and other similar
electronic channels.

Disk magazines and services that charge extra for file transfers may NOT
distribute it without written permission by the developer !