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                               Reader Mail

From: Jon Bui <>

It tooks me an hour to read the April 2 issue of A.R.  Either I take speed
reading lessons or AR should cut down on its contents. 

It's great to see AR is doing well.  Ever since Amiga Format price went up
to $13.00, I've stopped buying it and have now depended on AR to keep me up
to date on the latest Amiga's news. 

Is it possible to set up on the AR's homepage a word search that will looks
through previous AR's publication?  This would greatly help user to
determine which previous publication contain details and information on the
item they're looking for.

     - As a matter of fact, the CUCUG web site with Amiga Report does
     contain a basic search engine.  Use to get to it.
     As for AR being too big--it pleases me no end that Amiga Report is
     having no trouble filling space.  Although I have to admit, the
     increased content as of late has made it tougher to get issues out on
     time. -Jason