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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

This is such a ridiculously huge issue of Amiga Report that there's really
not much to be gained by me taking up a lot of space here.

VIScorp is still pursuing--but has not completed--the purchase of the Amiga
from Escom.  Negotiations continue.  Don't panic.  I have been meeting with
VIScorp officers and speaking with VIScorp personnel.  In fact, as soon as
the ink dries and the right form is filed, I will BE a VIScorp personnel.
Effective Monday, I'm joining VIScorp's Communications department as a
contractor whose job it is to make sure that the Amiga community is
informed and aware of VIScorp's actions and intentions--and vice versa.

Phase5 has a major announcement to make.  Wonder Computers International is
up and running.  A new TCP/IP stack is coming, there's all sorts of new
products on the horizon...

Lots of people have a lot to say.  Don't let me stand in their way.