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                             The Joker Survey
  By: Jason Mulligan                   

Hi Jason,

Well those comments about the german Amiga survey came out and I just
couldnt let it pass without saying something.  I must say some of the
figures were interesting, like the figure of 12% owning AT-1200's (I guess
they are selling somewhere).

>- Only 7% of the readers also own an PC-clone.  This supports my opinion
>  that many Amiga owners only still cling to their Amiga because they have
>  not seen and played about with today's PeeCees too much.  If they did,
>  many would already have left the Amiga in no time (especially when it
>  comes to games) :-(

Now this, I certainly wouldnt agree with.  I'm sure most Amiga owners have
used PC's (it's pretty hard to avoid 'em these days).  For me, with the
collapse of C= the only reason I had to move on to a PC was to get games. 
My Amiga did and still does everything I need it to do except play new,
advanced games.  For me, I just cant justify spending such large quantities
of cash on a P120 or greater just so I can play the latest PC games at a
reasonable speed.  Considering the survey results, I'm pretty sure alot of
Amiga users are in the same boat.

In my case, to get my games fix I spent a fraction of what it would cost
for a high-end PC and bought a Sony Playstation console.  The combination
of Amiga for real work and Playstation for fun IMHO is a better combo
(functionally and wallet-wise) than any PC could be.

Anyway, keep up the great work. With ACAR and other mags dissapearing we
need you now more than ever.