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[This piece of mail has become the most ubiquitous letter in the Amiga
community in the past week or so.  Not only is it worth a read, but it gave
me a chance to use the word "ubiquitous."  From Carl Sassenrath, Viscorp's
Director of Software, to a concerned Amiga user. -Jason]

From: Carl S.[]
Sent: Friday, April 12, 1996 2:51 PM
To: Peter Ostrowski
Subject: Re: amiga?

At  2:19 PM 4/12/96 -0400, Peter Ostrowski wrote:
>HI carl..  Im a happy amiga user who just found out the company you work
>for has just bought (almost) the amiga..  DO you have any mor einfo on
>this..  I aslo heard that you worked on amiga dos os..  THATs cool..  Best
>Dam Os I have ever used...  If you have any info the what viscom has
>plans for the amiga, Please email them to me..  I would be for ever
>greatful..  > >thanks!   >Pete > > >THe Amiga: Back
for the Future

What I have been telling people is not to worry.  We are all Amiga lovers
here.  Unlike ESCOM or even Commodore, VIScorp does not have a single IBM
PC person in the development group.   We are all solid Amigans from the
very beginning.  Personally speaking, I don't plan on killing the Amiga.
In fact, I'm hoping to build one killer Amiga!

   Carl Sassenrath
   Director of Software, VIScorp

PS: Please feel free to post or forward this anywhere and
everywhere, as I am getting swamped with the same email
question from so many dedicated Amigans.  Keep the faith!
This is for the better!

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