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At long last SoftWood is happily announcing Final Writer Release 5.  Ship
date is estimated to be the first week of May, 1996.  This first
announcement is in the form of a list.  Over the next week or so more
details will be given both here and on our web site. 

The following list is not in any order of importance.  Some features are
minor while other are major.  This list contains everything we have done to
Final Writer in Release 5.

1.  Added "Font" menu item that bypasses TypeSpecs requester and goes
directly to the font requester.
2.  Added predefined zoom magnification levels to the "View" menu.
3.  Made the "Define Styles" requester operate in immediate update mode
for faster more intuitive operations.
4.  Implemented "Next" style.
5.  Implemented "Based On" style.
6.  Increased maximum main styles from 16 to 256.
7.  Named Preference sets.
8.  Named Stylesheet sets.
9.  Begin new documents using templates.
10. Updated Grammar Correction System to the latest version.
11. AutoCorrect--correct as you type.
12. Datatype support for graphics.
13. Option to show section click-tabs without showing page click-tabs.
14. Added TypeSpec definitions to macros which can be named, saved and
activated by buttons or menu items.
15. Ability to create a new style based on where the insertion point is.
16. Ability to modify existing style based on where the insertion point is.
17. ASL file requester option.
18. Ability to rearrange main sections.
19. FW's custom screen is now public.
20. Font preferences--ability to specify fonts to be preloaded.
21. Tables.
22. RTF import/export--this is a full, useful implementation unlike...
23. HTML export--create a useful web page from a Final Writer document.