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I'd like to announce The Ravebusters Homepage for inclusion into Amiga

The Ravebusters mainly are 3 people from Germany (Saarland) who have
already done 322 modules (all on the Amiga of course) ranging from house to
hardcore-techno.  A couple of those modules have been uploaded to the
Aminet and have already made it to the top downloads.  The Ravebusters have
done their first live-act recently with a second to come on the 4th of
March - and all that with ProTracker-made modules on the Amiga :)

The homepage gives you the opportunity to get information about the people
behind songs like the greatly acclaimed "95RaversMegaMix" or
"95HouseMegaMix", the ability to download 6 of their songs and much more. 
Try it at ""

Have a nice time,

Ralph Debusmann