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New Distribution in North America--SMG Is Out

Service Management Group, the company initially selected as the North
American distributor and warranty service provider for Amiga Technologies
products, has been terminated by Amiga Technologies president Petro
Tyschtschenko.  QuikPak, the manufacturer of the Amiga Technologies Amiga
4000 Tower, will now be free to sell at distributor pricing to any company
which meets a minimum order requirement--something SMG had been failing to

Three distributors have already committed to keeping stock of 4000T's:

MicroPace of Champaign, IL, Software Hut of Philadelphia, PA, and Creative
Equipment International of Miami, FL.  Dealers are encouraged to place
their 4000T orders with these companies.

QuikPak is committed to providing warranty service for any machine they
assembled and sold.

For more information, contact:

QuikPak:      610-666-8080
MicroPace:    217-356-1884
Software Hut: 610-586-5704
CEI:          305-266-2800