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ExpName - Get full expansion board names from expansion ID


2.1 (major update)


Richard Koerber


This system shared library decodes the manufacturer and product ID of
hardware expansions, as you can get them from the system's
expansion.library.  It returns the full name (if expname knows the IDs) or
a simple number.

Since V2.0, this library returns information about the Amiga system it runs
on, too, as e.g.  main processor, FPU, MMU, OS version, RAM size or Graphic
OS (CyberGraphX, ProBench, EGS, ...).

With your help, I hope to get as much full names as possible.  So please
send the name, manufacturer ID and product ID of all your expansions to:
"".  You can get the IDs by using ShowConfig or
the included tool ListExp.  Thank you!


- knows the name of 160 expansion boards
- may even get the board name of not yet known boards
- new: get information about the system (supports DraCo)
- full assembly and c support (new: GCC inlines)
- new: boards.library replacement, for full future compatibility
- English and German documentation (.guide and .dvi)


Requires AmigaOS 2.0+ (V1.3 *could* work, but is not supported)


- Your next AmiNet site:  util/libs/ExpName21.lha
- My home page: 
- You can also get an uuencoded version via e-mail, on request.
- Maybe on the next AmiNet CD?! ;-)


FreeWare!  It can be used in commercial products without prior permission.


Free distributable with the usual restrictions.  See documentation for
further details.