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Permission Granted to Distribute without Alteration

VISCORP and AMIGA: The Phoenix Strategy

Much has been said and written about the recent announcement of the signing
of a letter of understanding between VIScorp and Escom AG Germany.  In
addition, VIScorp has received hundreds of telephone, fax and Email
communications requesting information as to the status of the deal and our
plans for the Amiga.  We are providing this posting to inform those
interested in the knowing about the current arrangements -- and will
provide additional information as the they develop.

1.  VIScorp is currently conducting a thorough due diligence assessment of
    Escom's Amiga holdings.  This process is painstaking and extremely time
    consuming; however, without full disclosure, no satisfactory deal can
    be concluded.

Due to the letter of understanding, VIScorp is restricted from releasing
information relating to the negotiations until they are completed.  Until
such time, Amiga remains the asset of Amiga Technologies/Escom and all
inquires relating to current Amiga operations should be directed to Amiga

2.  VIScorp currently holds a license to the Amiga OS and chip sets and is
    developing a family of TV-based products that utilize the Amiga's
    unique functionalities.

3.  Many of VIScorp's senior management have previously worked for
    Commodore and have a thorough knowledge of the Amiga.

Our intent to purchase the Amiga comes out of (i) an appreciation of the
core technology and its importance to VIScorp's long-term business
development and (ii) a belief that the Amiga can -- like the Phoenix --
rise from the ashes and become a profitable technology for the future.

Over the coming days and weeks we anticipate to see a flood a
mis-statements in the press, on the Net and via voice communications --
some will be made out of ignorance, others out of malice.  We will do our
best to keep the Amiga community regularly informed.  We have received
hundreds of messages and anticipate many more to be received until final
resolution of formal negotiations is completed.  While we are making every
effort to do so, please excuse us if we do not respond to your individual

David Rosen
Vice President, Business Development
April 19, 1996