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From: Neather Realm Software <R3MWK@VM1.CC.UAKRON.EDU>

The following are our current products that have just been released:

Retail:  US  $39.95
International Flow Charter : Flow Charting for engineers, marketing
                             or what ever you need.  The same as
                             Flowcharting 3 on the IBM by Patton&

Retail:  US  $29.95
NRS Publisher Fonts Vol I  : 50+ Fonts divided into 3 sections,
                             Serif, Sans Serif, and Script. HD install

Retail:  US  $29.95
NRS Publisher Fonts Vol II : 50+ Fonts divided into 2 sections,
                             Old Style, Decorative. HD install inc.

      Soon to be released:

Retail:  $49.95
NRS Developer's Book For Blitz Basic

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