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Almathera are in the process of setting up a significant WWW presence to
promote and support its range of Amiga products.

As part of this commitment, and because we are all heavy uses of Amiga
shareware software ourselves, we intend to offer a service to all Amiga
shareware authors to enable them to accept credit card (and eventually
electronic cash over internet) registrations, either via electronic mail,
telephone, fax or postal mail.

MasterCard, Visa, Access and, in the UK, Switch, can be accepted.

This will be a service ONLY available to individuals and/or groups of
amateur Amiga programmers, and at a very low cost.  Commercial software
authours can contact us for options for commercial electronic distribution
and publishing.

If you would like to take credit card payments for your software
registration contact me at

We are trying to keep the costs for this service at the bare minimum as a
service to the whole Amiga community (they will be comparable with the
normal charges credit card companies demand).  I will post a longer message
later this week with full details once these costs and operating procedures
have been sorted out.

Jolyon - Almathera