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ESC Membership Form (European Software Creators)

------------] ESC Application Form [-------------



Computer Type (eg. PC, MAC, SunSparc):

Computer Details (ram, harddisk etc):

Software Tools (ie. programming languages etc):

Interests/Reasons for joining ESC:

Membership type: __  Existing Shareware Author
                 __  ESC Developer
                 __  Existing Group

[Existing Author]

Please include the names and details of any 
applications you currently have developed and
wish to release through ESC.

[ESC Developer]

1. Can you write HTML?
2. Are you interested in doing Research?
3. Would you be interested in helping standardise
   and create standards for ESC?
4. Would you be interested in beta-testing?
5. Do you have news access?
6. Do you currently have any ideas for a new application?
7. Would you be interested in working on a new OS?
8. What platform/computer would you be mainly interested in 
   developing for??
9. Do you have a WWW Homepage?
10. Please feel free to add anything else :>

[Existing Software Group]

1.What is the name of the group?
2.Have you developed any applications?
3.Are you currently working on any applications?
4.What is the main type of application you develop?
5.What is your main interest in joining ESC?
6.Is your group a company or a usergroup/voluntree arrangement?


Please add any further information here ->


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