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*** From: Gary Peake (1:106/7511.1)


In this time of shuffling, it is very important that VisCorp have a
clear understanding of the support and unity of the Amiga Computer
user base.

I have seen the hard work put in by many of the managers at Amiga
Technologies. I have seen some of our staunchest vendors hanging tough
with us because they care and they believe. I have seen and heard from
many of the user base who really want to see a resurgance of the
Amiga, it's vendors, and it's market position. I have had email after
email from programmers asking for info on developer support for the

Before the pundants and gloomers crank up their Macs and clones, it is
important that we take a moment to really 'think' about what is
happening. VisCorp was in this almost from the beginning with
Escom/Amiga Technologies. They see the value of the Amiga custom
chipset and it's slim OS for the set top box market. They are willing
to pay $40 million (US) for the tech and all that comes with it. They
are very interested in having an Internet box in the low end market
and they have said that they will continue supporting the big box
market as well.

I could be totally wrong in my analysis. That will be for history to
judge. But, my take on the sale of Amiga Technologies to VisCorp is
that this is a good move that will give some needed working capital to
the platform we all love.

Change is not always bad. Many times change is needed to advance the
ideas that we hold dear. I really think that this change may be the
very spark needed to get the Amiga it's North American presence in a
way that will benefit all of us as well as helping to increase the
user base in the European markets.

Many have followed my lead and have listened to my predictions here. I
will make one more 'Mystic Meg' for all concerned ... stay the course,
do not bend in your avid support, show VisCorp that we are united
behind them the same way we have been with Amiga Technologies, and
they will make us proud!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This weekend I have received literally hundreds of emails from Amiga users
all over the world that have gotten my email address either from Fido or
from posts on Usenet.  Each and every one is asking what to do.

I have chatted with both VisCorp and Amiga Technologies and have been
assured by both sides that all is well.  But, I am still not positive that
VisCorp understands that we want and need the 1200, the 4000T, the Walker
and the Power Amiga.

I have also spoken with some of the most ardent supporters of the Amiga who
are urging that we all take some united stand in a POSITIVE way to let
VisCorp know our feelings on keeping Amiga Technologies and the R&D for
Walker and Power Amiga ongoing.

I have given this a lot of thought.  I really feel that it may be the right
time to let VisCorp know what we are willing to buy from them and from
Amiga Technologies.  BUT, this MUST be done in a very professional,
non-FANATICAL manner!  Acting a fool will get us no where!

The following are email addresses to VisCorp and Amiga Technologies. 
Please send a nice, one or two paragraph note telling them that you support
the Walker, the Power Amiga, the 1200, the 4000T, Amiga Technologies, and
Viscorp!  Let them know that we are a united user base and that we care
about what happens to the Amiga platform and are willing to put our money
where our mouths are!

Amiga Technologies          general mail bot
                           Gilles Bourdin

VisCorp              Florence Radulovic
                   David Rosen 
                    Steve Kreckman 
                    Carl Sassenrath

Again ...  NICE will get their attention and a positive response!

Do NOT delay!  Pass this to every bbs in your area!  Get anyone and
everyone you know with an Amiga to send an email message now so that
VisCorp can see that there IS a market across the world for the Amiga

(Team AMIGA is a grassroots movement designed to give support to all AMIGA
users, to Amiga Technologies, VisCorp, and AMIGA vendors!)