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April 8, 1996--Ottawa, Canada

Some resurrections take longer than others.

In late January, Wonder Computers Incorporated of Ottawa, Canada, one of
North America's largest Amiga-only corporations, entered bankruptcy
proceedings.  The company, consisting of a six-store retail arm, a budding
engineering division, a distribution network across the continent, and an
Information Technologies division responsible for the previous month's World
of Amiga show in Toronto, was unable to cover a recalled loan despite
record sales just a week prior to the crisis.  The company had little
choice but to submit to court-supervised liquidation. 

WCi founder and CEO Mark Habinski addressed a concerned Amiga public when 
the bankruptcy proceedings began.  He announced his intention to secure 
additional outside funding in order to procure some or all of the Wonder 
inventory, property, and holdings in order to start a new, more 
financially sound company to advance the cause of the Amiga in North America.

On April 4, 1996, over two months after the situation began, the
bankruptcy trustees from the firm of Ernst and Young announced that the
tender made on behalf of the new Wonder organization had been accepted. 
Pending completion of the transaction due on or before April 15th, Wonder
Computers International will pick up where Wonder Computers Incorporated
left off. 

Wonder Computers International acquired the inventory and capital 
equipment of the two largest and most successful WCi retail locations, 
Ottawa and Toronto.  In addition, the inventory and equipment of the 
Ottawa corporate headquarters was purchased, as were the rights to the 
Wonder name.

The new WCi will initially consist of a single retail and corporate
headquarters located in Wonder's strongest market, Ottawa.  This site,
coupled with a Sales office in Vancouver, British Columbia, will form the
nucleus from which a pattern of measured, financially backed growth into
more cities will be undertaken.  Habinski has indicated that a
Toronto-based retail operation will be launched as soon as possible, and
that a fourth operation in one of the remaining former Wonder markets is
possible before the end of the year.  In addition, it is quite possible
that at least one former Wonder retail location will join with the new
company as a privately owned affiliate. 

The primary markets for the new WCi will initially be in direct, retail 
sales and in product distribution across the continent.  The WCi 
Distribution branch plans to investigate and re-establish the 
distribution relationships of the old company, as well as forging new 
strong links in other sectors of the Amiga market.

In addition, Wonder Computers International has already begun 
investigating venues for the planned World of Amiga Toronto show, to be 
held at the end of 1996.

The new Information Technologies division will focus on working with
existing service providers in order to ensure easy, efficient network 
access for Amiga users--initially in Wonder home markets, but 
progressively across more of Canada and North America as time goes on.

Lazarus Engineering will not be a branch of the new company.  Wonder 
wholeheartedly wishes the new company the best of luck.

Mark Habinski will serve as President and CEO of Wonder Computers 
International and will sit on the Board of Directors.  The initial 
management and staff of the new company has been carefully hand-picked by 
Habinski from the ranks of the old, but as the company expands there will 
be a need for experienced Amiga-industry employees, and the ranks of the 
old company will be invaluable resources.

The uncertainty has ended.  From the ashes of Wonder Computers 
Incorporated comes Wonder Computers International, dedicated to serving 
the North American Amiga community.