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Keynote from Petro Tyschtschenko, April 13 1996
Press conference at World of Amiga in London

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for being here at this first World of
Amiga show in the UK this year.

As you might most certainly have heard already, our company, Amiga
Technologies GmbH is about to be sold by ESCOM to VIScorp.  The process,
engaged by the signature of a binding letter of understanding between
ESCOM, VIScorp and Amiga has been announced on Thursday this week.

I will use this opportunity to introduce you Mr.  William Buck, president
and CEO of VIScorp.  I'm quite sure that Bill will say a few words

A lot of questions arise.  Why is this happening ?  Who is VIScorp ?  What
does this mean for Amiga ?

In 1995, when ESCOM took over the intellectual property of the former
Commodore, ESCOM was in a financially good shape.  The year 1994 had been
excellent and the corporate policy was set to expansion.  A multimedia
company was formed.  The decisions taken at this time were good and ESCOM
saved the Amiga computer from its bad destiny.

Amiga Technologies was founded and Amiga computers were brought back to a
demanding market.  Strategic decisions were taken to ensure the venue of
new technology based models as soon as possible.  We have achieved all this
and we are proud of that performance.

Of course, all these projects and plans are to be financed.  it was clear
from the beginning that it would take some time for a break-even point to
be reached.  The company created in may 1995 only could begin with sales in
mid-September.  We have then sold 40 thousand A1200 , 13 thousand monitors
and 2000 A4000T machines worldwide until now, which is a satisfying result.

As you might be aware of, ESCOM is currently facing a quite difficult
financial situation.  A bad christmas season and inventory write offs were
the main reasons for this.  This situation of course is also directly
affecting Amiga Technologies.  The fact is that ESCOM currently does not
have the financial resources needed to support the still ongoing costs of
our operation, especially advertising and research & development.

To continue a successfull Amiga business, a solution to this situation has
to be found.  I checked a lot of possibilities, I looked into a lot of
alternatives.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I personnaly think that VIScorp is one
of the best solutions.  It is a very interesting opportunity for our

Last year, in december, a license agreement was signed between Amiga
Technologies and VIScorp, for the making of the Amiga set-top box.  This
product is network oriented and needs a system like the Amiga with its
video abilities and tight operating system.  The relationship between Amiga
Technologies and VIScorp built up from this time on became closer and

VIScorp is a research & development oriented company.  These research
efforts are based on the Amiga technology for use in set top boxes.  Former
Commodore engineers work for VIScorp, which will of course be an
appreciable synergy for the development of Amiga in general.

The set-top box market is huge and will be a fantastic engine for our

As I told our staff yesterday, this procedure is not affecting our daily
business and ongoing projects, as well as my position as the president of
the company.  We want the migration to be made as smooth and transparent as
possible, for our company and also for our business partners and the Amiga

I am confident that this is a good chance for us to be successful in the

When this deal will be finalised, the Amiga technology will return to an
American company, which understands our technology and its manufacturing.

Thank you very much.

Gilles Bourdin
Gilles Bourdin / Amiga Technologies GmbH
Public Relations
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