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MoronCX - The commodity which does not suck




Thomas Eicher
Hans-Schmidmayerstr. 26
85435 Erding


Basically, this is a programm that will increase the coolness factor of
your amiga by severals degrees.  If your amiga sucks, this program might
work as a de-sukka-pacator.

Right.  See, for the Mac there's a program called SimB&B.  It will play
random Beavis and Butthead samples at random intervals.  But Macs suck,
because there's no multitasking.  So you can either have a Mac which does
not suck (running SimB&B) but can't do anything else or you can have a Mac
which sucks.

Well, I got an Amiga which does not suck by definition.  It got
multitasking, so the only thing missing is SimB&B.  Well, actually MoronCX
is a lot better than that.


o It plays _your_ favorite 8SVX samples off your disk drive, you
  aren't limited to built-in samples
o You can still work as if it weren't running
o Like every good CX, MoronCX can be given a hotkey, or be
  remote controlled via Exchange.
o You can determine the exact minimum and maximum delay between
  two samples
o You can have MoCX shuffle your samples, or arrange them in a
  order you like
o It is startable from WB, from WBStartup or from a shell
o It will always load and save it's config from and to it's
  icon's tooltypes.
o You can select a volume which will be calculated into the
  sample's internal volume level.
o It doesn't use MUI
o There will be lotsa ready-to-run sample packs for MoCX

You're still reading ? Reading sucks. Better install MoCX now.

AmigaOs 2.0+

Some 8SVX samples or sample pack
While you're at downloading, why not try


The package has been uploaded to AmiNET so it should be available from your
local AmiNET provider, for example:

54265 Bytes


If you are the programmer of a shareware product for the Amiga, I consider
it only fair that you send me a registered version and/or a keyfile for
your product.

If you use this program regularly, please send me an email and consider
registering.  Registering is free.


MoronCX is copyrighted 1995,96 by Thomas Eicher.
Permission to use is granted to everybody.
All rights reserved.

It may be freely distributed in its original form and with its
unmodified documentation.