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Muse Interface Development System


Release Version 1


Michael Sparks.
     (nb under construction! Is also Muse's web site!)
40 James Street, Cambridge, CB1 1HX.
Tel: 01223 563995  (+44 1223 563995)


Muse is an evolving project with its end goal being highly usable, user
configurable, interchangeable, extensible programs.  This version is the
first step towards that goal, and is aimed at programmers using the
language AmigaE.  The system is a set of modules with the following

   The ability to define most multiply windowed interfaces (including
   menus, gadgets, keyboard shortcuts etc) which can be script controlled
   via REXX, just by declaring them.  The processing of these many and
   varied inputs however is via a simple and standardised system consisting
   of two components: The events processing system and virtual variables.

It is also efficient - the example paint program had to have code inserted
into it to slow it down, and I work on an A600...  The same program is
about 30K in size compiled...

 The distribution includes:
   o A full tutorial taking you from opening a window and customising it,
     all the way through to a paint program and simple database.  The
     source to the simple examples is included in a hypertext form as well
     as plain text form so that ease of reference when reading the tutorial
     is not sacrificed when it comes to compilation.

   o A _FULLY_ hypertexted on-line reference document - with plain
     text version for those who don't like hypertext (?!) - which
     deals with every part of Muse from the syntax of minor parts
     to conceptual explanations of other major parts.

   o Two quick reference guides for day-to-day use containing the
     key information needed to use Muse to the full. (each fits
     on one side of A4 when printed)

   o 52 standard images (supplied as icons since everyone who has
     a workbench disk has an icon editor) for use in _MENUS_ and

   o Although the support modules are subject to change 5 of them
     which are useful in their own right have had their useful bits

And if all that wasn't enough for you, it even has it's own web page as
on-line support.


An Amiga with 2.0x upwards of the operating system.  Amiga E version 3.x
upwards REGISTERED!  (It's worth it) (However some of the sub-code will
work with the unregistered version, so it's still worth a look)


Aminet, dev/e directory: (eg) (168303) (3.5K)

website: (This contains current documentation)


FREE!  (Copy as you like - make no profit) If you use it though, you are
required to let me know what you think of it.  Politely of course!


FREEWARE, I retain the copyright.


Amiga E is Wouter van Oortmersson's BRILLIANT programming language.  It is
his ideal for a programming language (according to his docs).  Muse is my
idea of a decent interface programming system.

April will see the availability of a printed manual.  Mid '96 will see the
availability of the registered version.  Try it!  You might like it.  (It
is free after all!)