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Marc Necker


There were some people who had problems with the printout in the Layout
Mode.  This bug fix should eliminate this bug.

What is Analay?

Analay is an analysis program which provides all the standard functions
such a program needs.  The special feature of this program is the
integrated DTP mode which allows you to layout a page with full WYSIWYG!
The program is divided into two independent parts running at the same time
as separate tasks.

The Math Mode contains all functions for plotting and analyzing function
graphs.  It's no problem to create the derivative of functions or to
calculate the zeros or the area between functions to name only three of the
many facilities.  Moreover, the design of the graphs can be changed in many
ways.  You also can place texts, points, etc.  in the windows or hatch an
area.  Tables, lists and legends can be created as well.

The Layout Mode contains a small, but complete DTP program with full
WYSIWYG and Intellifont support!  It allows you to layout a page with
function graphs, tables, lists, legends, text blocks, etc.  Moreover, it
knows formulas which no program apart form TeX was able to display or print
up to know!  The page can be printed in highest printer resolution!


None since V1.11.  I'm currently working on V2.0 which will have a
fontsensitive and resizeable GUI.  It will be completely multithreaded and
support drag and drop.


The Analay archive without key file can be distributed freely as long as
all files are kept together.  You also may place it on PD-collections or


Analay runs on every Amiga with AmigaOS 2.04 or higher and at least
1.5MByte RAM.  It's better if you have got more RAM and a harddisk.

To use all of the program's features AmigaOS 3.0 or higher is required
(e.g.  color printout).


February 24, 1996


Any AmiNet-Server

i.e. (91422)


Shareware-fee of 20US-$/30DM.  See the documentation for further
information.  Some functions are disabled in the unregistered version, e.g.
the print-function.

This update is free of any charge.