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TITLE:    MasterISO

VERSION:  v1.23

COMPANY:  Asimware Innovations Inc.
          600 Upper Wellington St., Unit D
          Hamilton, Ontario
          Canada  L9A 3P9

          Phone:  (905)578-4916
            Fax:  (905)578-3966

MasterISO v1.23 Maintenance Release

We would like to announce the availability of MasterISO v1.23, which was
released as of March 11th, 1996.  This is a maintenance update for the
MasterISO v1 package.

Registered uses may contact us directly for information on obtaining this

MasterISO v1.23 adds support for the Pinnacle RCD-5040 CD-R drive.

With the recent decrease in CD-Writer pricing and the great interest in
Amiga CD mastering, Asimware Innovations Inc.  has decided to agressively
reduce the cost of MasterISO.

Our new retail price is $199.00 (US $), or $249.00 (Canadian $)!

We hope that this new pricing will greatly increase the Amiga's stature in
the CD mastering environment and provide a cost effective CD mastering
solution to Amiga users.

About MasterISO...
The MasterISO software package allows a user to control a CD-R recorder to
create custom CD-ROM and CD-Audio discs.

CD-ROM discs are formatted in the universal ISO 9660 format, compatible
with Amiga, IBM, Macintosh and virtually any other CD-ROM equipped

CD-Audio discs are formatted to the Red Book standard and offer universal
compatibility with standard CD players.

For reference, our current list of supported CD-R drives is:
     - Yamaha CDR-100, CDR-102
     - Sony CDU-920
     - Pinnacle RCD-1000, RCD-202, RCD-5040
     - Philips CDD-522, CDD-521, CDD2000
     - Pioneer DW-S114X
     - HP 4020

Please contact us for a current list of tested CD-R and SCSI controller

Asimware Innovations Inc.  is an Amiga software development house
specializing in CD-ROM and CD-Recordable technologies.  Our current product
line includes AsimCDFS, MasterISO, Texture Heaven, Texture Heaven 2 and
PhotoCD Manager.

Paul Reeves
Asimware Innovations Inc.
March 11th, 1996