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                           News & Press Releases

  VIScorp To Acquire Amiga Tech   The Escom chapter draws to a close

     Tyschtschenko's Speech       Petro addresses WOA UK on the future

 VIScorp: The Phoenix Strategy    VIScorp clears the air a bit

  Letter From Carl Sassenrath     As does one of their employees

    New North American Dist.      SMG out, QuikPak calls the shots

   Amiga Convention in Japan      Join some Amiga enthusiasts!

           IPISA '96              In Italy, too.

 Wonder Computers International   Wonder is back.

    Lazarus Engineering Corp.     A Wonder-successor company

     Final Writer Release 5       The latest revision  

     Neather Realm Software       Innovative products

     Almathera WWW Presence       A service to resellers

      ESC Membership Form         How to join

  The Internet Starter Package    A one-stop Canadian package

      W.F.M.H. LocalePL v2        Polish locale

   Chris's Button Strip v2.0      HTML authoring in Final Writer

           VDisk V2.6             Recoverable RAM:

        Oberon System V4          Language/OS revision

          AmIRC v1.0              The MUI IRC client

           Shock v1.2             Slideshow presentation

        MasterISO v1.23           The latest in CD-ROM mastering

         fMSX Amiga 0.8           The great MSX emulator...

    Team Amiga Call To Arms       Motivation for the changes

           PLog v1.1              Analyze phone log statistics

         AmiFTP v1.264            A ClassAct FTP client

         UMS RFC v0.12            E-mail and newsgroups...

          Analay v1.12            Mathematical analysis

  PhoneLog Developer Kit v1.1     Parse phone log files

         PopPhone v2.2            Organize addresses...

  Muse Interface Devel. System    Interchangeable application environment

    Audio Hardware Interface      A step towards RTA

          Aminet CD 11            The latest incarnation

          MoronCX v1.0            For morons.

        SystemPrefs v3.7          CPU configuration

          ExpName v2.1            Check on your expansion cards

 Championship Manager 2 Delayed   The footy manager...

      Ravebusters Homepage        Hundreds of mods

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