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                         WBStartup+: Further Notes

[ A few words in response to the review of WBStartup+ by Katherine Nelson
from the author of the program, John Hughes.  ]

From: John Hughes <>

Thanks for the wonderful review on WBStartup+.

I'd like to mention that the article states that it would be nice 
to have a boot menu type interface.  

   There are 3 hotkeys when booting:
       Ctrl:         Bring up the prefs before running any programs (boot 
                     menu - you could call it)
       Left-Alt:     Interactive mode. Press Y or N for each program.
       Left-Shift:   No programs are loaded.

   Ctrl and left-Alt were included in version 2.5.

You made a few valid points, being: There is no way to edit the tootypes in
WBStartup+ from the prefs program, and it is annoying to have to move
things intothe enabled directory when installing.  Both of these will be
taken care of in future versions.  Many other people have brought up both
points, but I lack the time to really dig into it now.

The latest version is 2.6 which includes a bug fix and there will be a
newer version out soon which uses a library which replaces the