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  Christian Bauer

  SMail: Christian Bauer, Max-Planck-Str.60, 55124 Mainz, Germany


  ShapeShifter is a multitasking shareware Macintosh-II emulator for
  the Amiga and DraCo computers. It allows to run Macintosh software
  concurrently to Amiga applications without hardware add-ons or

  Some of the emulation's features:

   - Color display up to 256 colors on AGA Amigas (16 colors on ECS)
     and up to 16.7 million colors on graphics cards
   - Support for one or two monitors
   - No MMU required, even runs on A1200
   - Macintosh hard disks can be simulated in Amiga files or Amiga
     hard disk partitions
     [unregistered version has no hard disk partition support]
   - Can use Amiga floppy drives, serial, parallel and SCSI ports
     from the Mac
     [use of SCSI not possible in unregistered version]
   - Mac HD disks can be read directly with an HD floppy drive,
     Mac 720K disks can be used with any Amiga floppy drive. To use
     Mac 800K disks, you have to own CrossMAC and an original Mac
   - Multichannel sound output and parallel-port sound digitizers
   - Access to Ethernet networks
   - Text clipboard sharing between Mac and Amiga
   - File handler to access Macintosh volumes from the Workbench
   - Speed comparable to a real Mac with equivalent hardware

  The most important changes in V3.4:

   - The Ethernet driver has been improved and now also allows the
     use of MacIPX
   - Together with an Emplant card, using LocalTalk is possible
   - Forced quitting of Mac programs with Command-Shift-Escape works
   - Better co-operation with SCSI cards from phase 5
   - ShapeShifter runs again on the DraCo


  OS2.1, 68020 processor, 4MB of RAM, HD floppy drive recommended.
  A copy of a Macintosh 512K or 1MB ROM and the Macintosh system
  software are not included, but required. The ROM can be read off
  of a real Mac by using a supplied program, the system software
  can be bought from Apple. Note, however, that reading the ROM is
  only legal if you have bought the ROMs or own a real Macintosh.


  Aminet sites: /misc/emu/ShapeShifter.lha
  Next Generation BBS, Germany (ShapeShifter support BBS)
    Port 1: +49-261-805012  (Zyx19.2/ISDN)
    Port 2: +49-261-84280   (V.FC)


  The requested shareware fee is DM 50,- or US$ 40.
  Upon registration you will receive a keyfile that enables the
  disabled features (SCSI and hard disk partition support).


  Shareware (DM 50,- or US$ 40 requested)