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  Oberon System V4 for Amiga




  Stefan Ludwig, Claudio Nieder, Ralf Degner


  S-Mail: Stefan Ludwig
          Institut fuer Computersysteme
          CH-8092 Zuerich


  Oberon System V4 for Amiga (O4A) is a full implementation of
  ETH Zurich's Oberon System V4.

  Oberon is both a programming language and an operating system
  developed by Prof. N. Wirth and Prof. J. Gutknecht.

  The Oberon System in key words:
   - Single-process multitasking
   - Garbage collector - memory will be released automatically if
     not needed anymore
   - Commandos: procedures that can be called like programs
   - Dynamic loading: modules are loaded and linked to the system
     during run-time (if necessary)
   - Text as a built-in abstract data type (for example a
     Minesweeper game as a letter (like OLE and OpenDOC))
   - Graphical user interface

  A special advantage is the very high compatibility of the systems
  between implementations on different computers. System V4
  implementations exist for Amiga, Mac, Power Mac, Windows (NT),
  Linux, IBM-RS6000, Sun-Sparc, HP-Workstations, NeXt, ...
  You can use a program written on one implementation on any other
  without change.

  O4A is a full implementation of the Oberon System V4 with all
  usual programs. The system runs in its own task and therefore you
  can use O4A and the Amiga OS at the same time. Specific features
  of the Amiga implementation are its incremental heap allocation,
  support of the Amiga clipboard and the capability of accessing
  IFF files.

  The O4A package contains:
   - A full Oberon-2 compiler
   - Development tools (Browser, Analyzer, Disassembler)
   - XE, a comfortable 'editor' with layout functions
   - Kepler, an object-oriented 2D vector drawing program
   - Paint, a simple pixel-oriented paint program
   - A lot of additional tools (Draw, RX, AsciiCoder, ...)
   - Various text elements
   - VT100 terminal emulation
   - Games: Tetris and Minesweeper (with source)
   - Example sources and online documentation

  To get more information about the programming language and
  operating system Oberon have a look at the "Oberon and Amiga"
  WWW page:
  There you will find links to other Oberon information resources.


  - VT100 terminal emulation
  - Compiler improved
  - Many new Modules
  - Several bug fixes


  - Amiga with OS2.0 or higher
  - at least an MC68020
  - a minimum of 1.5 MB free memory (2.5 MB recommended)
  - about 3 MB disk space
  - FPU for floating point calculations
    (without FPU Oberon-NonFPU.lha is required)


  The Home of Oberon is the ETH Zurich. There you can find many
  Oberon System implementations, especially the Amiga version:

  Oberon.lha (1.0 MB)        - main archive
  Oberon-NonFPU.lha (100 KB) - to use O4A without FPU
  Oberon-Src.lha (600 KB)    - the full source of O4A
  Oberon-Fonts.lha (340 KB)  - additional fonts

  It is available in the Aminet directory dev/obero, too.


  It's free, but not PD.


  Oberon System V4 for Amiga is (C)opyright 1990-96 by
  Claudio Nieder, Stefan Ludwig, Ralf Degner and
  the Institute for Computer Systems ETH Zurich.

  All files in the archives are freeware. You can use it in any
  way you like but you must not include part of it in a
  commercial product.
Ralf Degner