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ESC (European Software Creators)
Information Folder v5.01

What is ESC?

 ESC is a usergroup whose members pool their resources to develop
interesting applications under various different platforms for many
different computers.  ESC is free to join, but is not a non-profit making
organisation.  While nobody owns ESC, it is organised by a commitee of six
people.  The commitee's main objective is to efficently organise the
group's resources to release as many shareware/freeware programs under ESC
and to market them efficently on the WWW.

Can I Join ESC?

 While ESC is free to join there are some membership requirements.  In
order to join the usergroup you must first have some sort of email
connection to the internet (this can be a proper internet email address, a
compuserve address or some kind of BBS fido->internet gateway).  Another
requirement is you must own your own computer or have regular access to one
(daily basis).  You must also have some knowledge of application
development, whether its a good idea for a program, the ability to program
under a specific language(s), interested in computer graphics (you also
need software and hardware to produce logos, images etc), or have some kind
of midi system (ie.  computer musicians). 

 ESC has three types of members, of course members aren't necessarily tied
to one type.  (1) Existing Shareware Authors, (2) ESC Developers, (3) ESC
Group Developers.

(1) If you are an existing shareware author and wish to continue to develop
applications on your own and in private, then this type of membership is
for you.  As an existing shareware author you simply release your
shareware/freeware programs through ESC.  ESC will create a webpage for
your new application and add it to our site.  We will also distribute it
across our existing distribution channels.  Of course the other will have
to add the suitable ESC End-User-License Agreement (which they my modify
with our approval), and place the ESC name and/or logo in the opening
screen or about-box (if its a windows application).

(2) ESC Developers are the main bulk of our members.  As an ESC developer
you'll receive weekly project updates on available projects.  You'll be
able to work with other ESC members on new applications.  You'll also be
asked to beta-test applications from time to time.  ESC Developers will
also benefit from everyone working on various standardisations within ESC,
whether this is writing standard code-engines or developing new APIs.  ESC
developers will be asked to work on R&D projects from time to time.  As ESC
developers you will also benefit from commercial programs.  As ESC grows,
companies will hopefully ask us to develop applications for them.
Therefore professional programmers will also benifit from become members
even if they have no interest in developing shareware or freeware

(3) Existing programming groups such as other usergroups, small companies
etc are also welcome to join ESC provided that they only develop shareware
or freeware applications.  In this case, the group would maintain their
existing name, and develop applications with ESC Presents...  a <whatever>
production...  While the program will essentially be released by the group,
it will be released as an ESC product.

Who Can't Join ESC?

    People who can't join ESC include :-

1) Companies which develop commerical software (ie.  Microsoft, IBM,
   QuarterDeck, Netscape etc).

2) Current employees of those companies.

3) People without email addresses

4) People who aren't computer musicians, artists, programmers or other
   types of developers.  So if YOU CAN'T develop you CAN'T join.

How To Join ESC

To Join ESC you will need to fill out the form which will accompany this
file in another message.  Membership is FREE.  Existing Shareware authors
are asked to add the ESC logo and/or name, plus an End-User-License
agreement to their application.  Once an archived copy of their application
is received and tested, a web page will be created and their application
will be available for download via ftp.

Once You've Joined ESC

Once you've joined ESC you'll get this file, a form which will ask you for
additional details, and a project creation form.  The project creation for
is fairly important so keep a copy handy.  It is basically what you need to
fill out and email to one of the co-ordinators if you want to start a new
project.  A newsgroup will be setup shortly to allow interaction between
members, and a mailing list will also be constructed.

If you have further ideas or any suggestions email :->

ESC will have a webserver and mail server setup shortly.

(C) 1996 European Software Creators