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ESCOM increases share capital

Bochum/Heppenheim, 7 March 1996.  ESCOM AG today increased its capital with
a cash outlay by DM 59,994,000.  The nominal amount of the capital increase
is DM 30,300,000.  The new shares have been taken over by Commerzbank AG
for the issue consortium and will be offered to shareholders at the
earliest possible date after presentation of the 1995 annual report.  the
increase in capital is part of an agreement between the company, its
associates and bankers by which the company acquires new ressources
amounting approximatively DM 100 million.

Manfred Schmitt, principal shareholder in ESCOM AG, has simultaneously
transferred 16 per cent of the base capital to the BV
Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, a subsidiary of the Bayerische Vereinsbank
AG, and a further 2.5 per cent of the base capital to Siemens Nixdorf
Informationssysteme AG in Paderborn and Munich, whose shareholding is
hereby increased to 12.5%. In so doing, Manfred Schmitt's share has been
cut by nearly 30 per cent. A further major shareholder is Quelle
Schickedanz AG & Co in F=FCrth, whose share at 25 per cent remains unchange=

By this action shareholders and banks have created the right conditions to
give ESCOM AG a more solid financial base and an extension of its circle of
shareholders enabling it to develop its business successfully.

Gilles Bourdin
Gilles Bourdin / Amiga Technologies GmbH
Public Relations
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