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----<<<{{{[[[ ARGEL POINTERS 6.0 ]]]}}}>>>-----


This is available for ftp at
in      pub/amiga/ArgelPtrs/ArgelPtrs.lha

After much contemplation, these will show up on Aminet as well (in pix/icons
I think).

You can also take a look at them on the WWW at (go to the amiga page there).
The ftp site is accesible from the WWW (and there's a link on my web page)

PLUG: Check out my Kathy Troccoli page while you're there!!!


These pointers are copyright 1995, 1996 by Russ "Argel" LeBar. The original
paladin pointer is copyright 1994. All rights are reserved. These are
eyesoreware - if you hate all of them, send me $10! :-) If any of these
appear on a coverdisk, I MUST get a free copy! These may go on the Fred Fish
CD-ROMs, but I still retain all my rights regarding the mouse pointers.


These are hires mouse pointers (that means OS3+) with a focus on fantasy
related stuff (e.g.  AD&D character classes; AD&D is a TM of TSR Inc.) plus
some other stuff thrown in like sci-fi (influenced somewhat by Star Wars
and moderatly by the new Buck Rodgers TSR did a few years back [my
experience with it was SSI's Countdown to Doomsday]) and believe it or not
even some Christian related stuff!  [Note that this is sort of a work of
art in that some of these won't make the best pointers...  :-]

OS3.0 users will have to manually load these into the pointer prefs since it
has a bug in it (how annoying!). Don't know if it's fixed in OS3.1 or not.

ECS users must be using the new OS3 monitors (e.g. DBLNTSC) to use these
pointers (I think)!!!

The pointers in my new style all have the same busy pointer - an hour glass
- since I couldn't come up with anything for the fighter and I wanted to
work on the others. (And I'm too lazy to change this now! :-)

>>> A LOT HAS CHANGED!!! <<<

Well, the names have, and there's five new ones this time around. The biggest
change is that the old Paladin is now an Anti-Paladin and I have a new and MUCH
BETTER one now. There are also some females this time around! :-)

(* = new)
(* after a name means it's name was changed)
(a letter after a number (e.g. 00a) means there are two color schemes)


    o   CLERIC - hotspot is top left diagonal part of hood.
    o   BARD - hotspot is top left diagonal part of hood.
    o   HANDLER* (Kender) - hotspot is top left part of hoopak(sp?)
    *   THIEF - hotspot is upper dagger. Watch your back! :-)
    *   AMAZON
        *   00a - (red vixen :)
        *   00b - (blonde)
    o   FIGHTER
        o   00 - (generic)
        o   01 - (generic)
    o   NINJA*
    *   PALADIN - hotspot is the top left of the cross.
    o   RANGER
    o   MAGE
        o   00 - hotspot is near the top left of the magic missile.
        *   01 - hotspot is top-left of the staff

o   Anti-Paladin* - was the original paladin which I never liked
o   Giant Centipede - hotspot is top right tail
*   Hag
    *   00a - hotspot is top of staff
    *   00b - "undead" color scheme

o   SWAT (lightly armed assualt warriors)
o   Shock (moderate armor & armed with plasma cannons)

o   CROSS   (Jesus on the cross with Mother Mary and lightning in BG)
    o   00  - Original colors, hotspot left part of horizontal beam
    o   01  - same as 00 except better(?) color scheme


o   Hourglass (busy) - hotspot is the absolute top left.
o   Paladin 00a - the original one.
o   Paladin 00b - the original using the Paladin (New) color scheme
o   Paladin 01  - Better color scheme. Taken from a picture
    I painted (on my web page in the gallery).

>>> THE FUTURE <<<

YES!! I *finally* got a thief and paladin I like!!! Up next -- maybe some more
DL classes (e.g. cavalier, barbarian). Any suggestions? I'd like to do some good
Christian ones, but I can't think of anything, though the new (TRUE) paladin
could fit the bil for the moment.

>>> THANKS <<<

Thanks go to James R. Godbeer for suggesting I do an AD&D character class
series! Thanks also go to EA for DeluxePaint (though the bugs in DP5 kind
of cancels this out) and Andy and Graham Dean for ImageStudio (WOW!!!).

>>> HISTORY <<<

1.0 Aug. 1995   Ranger & Paladin (plus Others)
2.0 Aug. 1995   Added Mage and Paladin
2.1 Aug. 1995   Whoops! Fixed the "Others/" icons.
3.0 Aug. 1995
            o   Added a Cleric and Thief (Kender).
            o   Colors redone to conform to the default
                OS scheme (transparent, medium, dark, bright).
            o   Got rid of the icons (I use a 16 color
                palette so I had to redo all of them
                everytime I did a new distribution)
                and added an iff picture instead.
4.0 Sep. 1995
            o   Added another fighter, a ninja fighter,
                and a bard.
            o   Demo picture on the WWW (see .signature)

5.0 Oct. 1995   SWAT & Shock warriors, Centipede, and
                The Cross (00 & 01)

6.0 Feb. 1996   Name changes, colors updated (no more black -- now it's
                a dark red or purple), paladin became anti-paladin
                and it got a new color scheme. Five new pointers!

>>> THE AUTHOR <<<

/---Russ-LeBar-------+------ ---------S()---------
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