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DblScan 4000 upgrades the Amiga's PAL/NTSC screenmodes, unsuitable for 
regular VGA/SVGA/Multisync monitors, in a way that any PC's monitor is 
able to show them. The resulting effect is completely compatible with 
all Amiga programs.

DblScan 4000's output is full 24 bit, so not a single bit of picture 
information is lost. Only the screenmodes which need upgrading are 
affected by the device, all other modes are fed right through with 
absolutely no changes. 

DblScan 4000 is a terrific way to get even realistic interlaced pictures 
and animations viewable at a large computer monitor. It shows interlaced 
screens exactly in the same order as a video monitor would, while reducing 
the flicker by preventing line drawings over the previous lines. With the 
aid of a graphics card with pass-through for Amiga graphics, the same 
monitor can be used for a very high resolution Workbench.

Technical info:
- Connects to Amiga 4000 video card slot
- 24 bit input/output resolution
- 28 MHz pixel generation
- All screenmodes under 18kHz are doubled
- Support for interlace (blank lines between scanlines)
- Support for NTSC variable length scanlines
- 14 MHz pixel input for doubled screenmodes
- 28 MHz pixel input and full pass-through for undoubled screenmodes
- 15pin standard VGA connector

Method of operation:
PLP DblScan 4000 feeds the Amiga's scanlines at doubled frequency, adding 
an empty line after each scanline. This results as a 15kHz-able monitor 
look at any monitor capable of 31kHz. Unlike a flicker fixer, which 
combines the two buffered interlace fields, PLP DblScan 4000 shows 
interlaced pictures correctly with full 50/60 Hz field update. 

Petsoff Limited Partnership   (in Finland: Petsoff Ky)
P.O. Box 1009