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Remember the Amiga Dinner in Atlanta?

  Well I do...I was there!  If you missed it, now you can have a taste of
  what you missed!

  Saturday March 16th at noon (eastern standard USA time), we will be
  showing the whole thing on the net!  See and hear Dave Haynie, Jason
  Compton, Fred Fish, and MANY others!!

So what do you need to do?
 login to any slip or slip emulation account.  Get CuSeeMe.  (availible on
 most platforms) Tune in the CU-SeeMe reflector "" IP: then sit back and enjoy!

If you need help with this, send email to

Cu-SeeMe client software can also be had by anonymous FTP to in the /banquet/cuseeme directory.


The video can be purchased on VHS in NTSC or PAL formats by sending check
or money order to the address below.  Note that conversion to PAL and
shipping to foreign countries will add a little to the price.  Look at our
web page for more information at

[The tape reportedly retails for $24.00]

Color photographs of the Amiga celebrities can also be purchased for
$2.50/ea or downloaded from the FTP site above in grayscale preview format.
See the lists for more information about purchasing photographs.

Amiga Atlanta, Inc.
PO Box 49103
Atlanta, GA  30359-1103     

Please address all email questions to

Tune in and experiance part of amiga history!

-  Robert Hamilton  ( )
-  Eric Webb        ( )