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New Magazine, AmigaInfo--Details

Magazine information

    Name:          AmigaInfo
    Pages:         52 pages, A4 100 4-color
    Editor:        Thomas Svenson

    Subscription:  Provpren  3 issues    SEK  85
                   Halvår    6 issues    SEK 165
                   Helår    12 issues    SEK 315

    Address:       AmigaInfo
                   Box 63
                   340 36 MOHEDA

    Phone:  +46  472-708 45  ·  Fax:  +46  472-716 80  ·  BBS:  +46  472-712 70
    E-mail:  ·  HomePage:

Short info: AmigaInfo is a new printed Amiga-magazine in Sweden.  It will
cover most of what the Amiga can be used for, have articles about where the
Amiga is used, who uses it, and so on.  There will be a lot of reviews of
new Amiga-products.  AmigaInfo will be a useful source for the users to
learn how to use the Amiga better, how to connect it to internet, exchange
information with other computers and a lot more.