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AMIGA Technologies GmbH
with ESCOM at the CEBIT.

Amiga Surfer, new AMIGA Prototype,
Informations about the Power-PC Project

For the first time in over two years, AMIGA computers will be presented
again officially by the manufacturer at the largest computer fair in the
world: The Cebit.  From 14th to 20th of March, AMIGA Technologies GmbH will
be represented on the ESCOM booth in hall 11 with new products.  AMIGA
computers will also be seen on the Microvitec and Motorola booths.

The AMIGA-Surfer, a complete Internet computer with software, modem,
connection and free hours is now available at a price of 1199 DM.  The
Surfer can be connected to a TV-set or to a standard VGA monitor.  The
solution is based on the AMIGA 1200 with a 260 MB harddrive, 2 MB of RAM
and a 14.400 bps modem.  Thanks to its resource-saving features, the highly
optimized AMIGA-OS makes cost-effective solutions like the Surfer possible.
Also the excellent multitasking abilities of its OS makes the AMIGA the
ideal multimedia and Internet machine.

A prototype of the new AMIGA will be shown for the first time worldwide at
the CEBIT fair in Hannover, Germany.  AMIGA Technologies GmbH will hereby
expand the AMIGA product line for the advanced home user and the
semi-professional market.  Modularity, futuristic design and expansion
capability are the main edges of the new product.

The motherboard features two SIMM sockets, on which the memory can be

increased up to 128 MB.  The main processor used will be the 680EC30 / 40
MHz.  This combination allows a product at a tight price with a good
computing power.  With the available flexible expansion bus, turbo cards
with processors like the 68060 or the PowerPC will be easily installable.

This expansion bus can also be used with graphic-cards, multi-serial cards,
MPEG cards etc.  The modular concept makes the addition of further slots
possible, so that the user can define how many expansion slots he will have
in his machine.  This way, the basic machine can be turned into a tower.
This design concept will be the base of the coming AMIGA-Generation.

The new AMIGA will be shipped with a revisited version 3.2 of the AMIGA-OS.
New features and many enhancements will give the system more power and

The Power-PC project is also moving forward.  Thanks to the close
cooperation with Motorola and Phase 5, the porting of the AMIGA-OS will be
achieved within the announced schedule.  The first Power AMIGA will be
available early in 1997, as planned.  Until then, it is also foreseeable
that Phase 5 will release the first Power PC cards for existing AMIGAs.
The development of the OS is led by former top-AMIGA-engineers.

Info: Gilles Bourdin - AMIGA Technologies - Berliner Ring 89 - D-64625
BENSHEIM Tel +49 6252 709 195 - Fax +49 6252 709 520 email