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                           News & Press Releases

  Amiga Technologies at CEBIT    Displaying a new prototype!

  Escom Shares Lower on Loss     The kind of news we don't like...

     Escom Announces Loss        ...said a little differently.

 Escom Increases Share Capital   And this was the solution.

  Schmitt Vote of Confidence     And he almost left.

  Bandits on the InfoHighway     Dan Barrett's net scamguide

   New Magazine -- AmigaInfo     Sweden has a print mag again

      JAM Merges with Em         Two sub-only UK mags become one

    Cloanto Press Releases       Personal Paint re-invented

    Amiga Dinner in Atlanta      Watch the broadcast, buy the tape

         DblScan 4000            Flicker-fixing for AGA

         Aminet CD 10            ...and still going...

       Oberon System V4          The Oberon System on Amiga

     Softwood Web Services       Get online with Softwood

       ShapeShifter v3.4         SS gets Draco Friendly

       Amiga CDROM Guide         The comprehensive listing

          Workshop 96            The Danish party

      Argel Pointers 6.0         The hi-res pointer pack

  European Software Creators     Non-profit developer group

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