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[While past the deadline stated in this news item, I felt it was worth
reprinting.  Originally from various Usenet groups.]

Hello all,

This may not be the appropriate venue to make this offer however due to the
time contraints involved the Internet seemed the best way to put this
information out.  Please read all the way through this message and I hope
you will not be dissappointed.

Silent Paw Productions, the makers of the PAWS - Portable Amiga Workstation
and the Gecko, are currently seeking investors who believe in the Amiga.
This is mainly due to a recent situation where a distributor, that was to
provide needed capital, had to bail out at the last minute to deal with
reorganization issues within their own company.

What we are currently offering is the following :

* With the purchase of 20 shares from Silent Paw you may choose to recieve
one of our products free.  This free product will be delievered within 3
months of the beginning of production.  For each addition 20 shares you may
choose another free product.

An example would be, I purchased 40 shares of Silent Paw stock and with
that purchase I selected to recieve free one PAWS 1200 and one Gecko.

The maximum amount of shares that can be purchased is 400.  Any share
purchase beyond 100 will gain you certain other benifits.

The minumum purchase is 20 shares ( $5,000 ).  I realize that this is alot
of money, for most of you, but the nature of our development has us heavily
invested in the company as well.

All share purchases will recieve a stock certificate, share holders
agreement, and a yearly company performance report and benifit from yearly

Other options :

* Short term investments with Silent Paw.  Short term loans to our company
are being paid back at very attractive rates.  6 months = 17% and 1 year =

Minumum for short term investment is $10,000.

An example would be : I give Silent Paw $10,000 for a 6 month loan.  After
that 6 months I am paid back $11,700.  If it was for one year I would be
paid back $12,500.

These offers are good until Feb 5th.  This is a short time to respond
however,due to the very rapidly changing situation with investors, this is
necessary for Silent Paw to keep on track with production schedules.

Buy a piece of a cutting edge Amiga development company and be part of the
next generation of Amiga products.  Invest in Silent Paw Productions, Inc.

Please feel free to call me at any of the numbers below or send
E-Mail to Silent Paws address.

Thanks all,

Shawn P.B. Randolph
Silent Paw Productions, Inc.
703-330-7290 (Voice)
703-330-5752 (Fax)
Internet :