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Feb. 12, 1996
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeff Blume
(970) 484-7321

Stylus, Inc. World Wide Web Site

Ft.  Collins, CO.  - Stylus, Inc.  has a new World Wide Web site at
"".  Currently available at the
site are detailed specifications of ProVector(R) 3, StylusTracer(TM),
PSImport(TM), and other support utilities for ProVector.  A demo archive of
ProVector, etc.  is also available for download via the page links.

As the site evolves, it will feature news about products from Stylus, Inc.,
example graphics produced with ProVector, updated import/export drivers,
and ARexx macros.

With the Web site comes new means of contacting Stylus, Inc.  via Internet
email to "".  "We hope this new email address will help to
improve technical support for our international customers," said W.
Jeffrey Blume of Stylus, Inc.

"However," Blume added, "voice tech support is still just the price of a
phone call for registered ProVector users; and frankly, we prefer talking
to you."

On that subject, Stylus, Inc.  also wishes to inform its customers that it
has a new area code (970).  Thus, the new tech support number is (970)

Finally Blume said, "Stylus, Inc.  wishes to thank all of the Amiga(R)
faithful (old and new) who have stuck with ProVector and the Amiga through
this recent period of transition.   Stylus, Inc.  is looking to Amiga
Technologies, GmbH to raise the Amiga to new heights of technical

ProVector is a registered trademark of Stylus, Inc.  StylusTracer and
PSImport are trademarks of Stylus, Inc.  Amiga is a registered trademark of