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We're pleased to 'officially' announce the going-live of our Website for
support, information and sales of all Almathera's products, including
Photogenics, Video Creator and our CD-ROM range.  [We're currently doing
specials on all our products to free up some space around here, including
CDs from UKP3.99, Video Creator for UKP10 and Photogenics for UKP45, a
saving of UKP15 on the RRP]

Point your browser at - currently
it's big on text and small on graphics, but it'll be expanding [links,
info, forms, imaps, more downloadables] soon.  Suggestions, crosslinks,
gripes, feedback, orders [!], all are welcome.

In case you missed the Aminet upload listings, Photogenics is now at
release 1.2a, which is a patch application for 1.2 HD users and can be
found in biz/patch/pgs12-12a.lha on your local Aminet site - unfortunately
for floppy-only users, the disk structure between 1.2 and 1.2a changed
radically and a patch is impractical, however if you return your disks to
Almathera and cover return post, we'll remaster free of charge.

And the EuroScene 2 CD-ROM is out - the best of the demo-scene's releases
during '95.  Reviews soon, and more information available via the website.

thp/c!truS'96 mail:// /