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VERSION:  v3.5

COMPANY:  Asimware Innovations Inc.
          600 Upper Wellington St., Unit D
          Hamilton, Ontario
          Canada  L9A 3P9

Phone:  (905)578-4916
  Fax:  (905)578-3966

AsimCDFS v3.5 Maintenance Release

We would like to announce the availability of AsimCDFS v3.5, which was
released as of January 31st, 1996.  This is a maintenance update for the
AsimCDFS v3 package.

The update highlights include:
  - support for ATAPI (IDE) CD-ROM drives on A1200/A4000's;
  - support for Panasonic's PD/CD-ROM optical read/write CD-ROM drive;
  - full support for the Nakamichi MBR-7 and NEC 7 disc changers;
  - additional support for the Sanyo 254 CD-ROM drive;
  - support for Panasonic CR503, CR504 CD-ROM drives;
  - a few minor bug fixes.

Registered users can obtain this release via our BBS or ftp site.
  - ftp:
  - BBS:  905-332-9207

In either case, you will need your AsimCDFS serial number to obtain access.

About AsimCDFS v3...
The AsimCDFS software package is a CD-ROM control system which allows the
user to read most CD-ROM discs with an Amiga computer and a suitable SCSI
or ATAPI CD-ROM drive. 

AsimCDFS is equipped with the following advanced features:
  - access to ISO 9660, High Sierra, Rock Ridge and Macintosh HFS CD-ROM
  - FishMarket, a CD-ROM disc containing the public domain Fred Fish
  - AsimTunes, an audio librarian/controller providing advanced librarian
    and playback features;
  - support for direct digitizing from standard audio CDs and playing audio
    via the Amiga hardware;
  - CDTV and CD32 emulation modules, complete with autobooting from CD-ROM
  - integrated support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD discs.  Colour WorkBench
    icons are created for easy identification.  Support for resolutions
    from 192x128 up to 3072x2048;
  - support for both SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives;
  - preferences editor for all AsimCDFS settings; and,
  - full ARexx command set available for all programs.

Asimware Innovations Inc.  is an Amiga software development house
specializing in CD-ROM and CD-Recordable technologies.  Our current product
line includes AsimCDFS, MasterISO, Texture Heaven, Texture Heaven 2 and
PhotoCD Manager.