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Macro68, version 3.175


Apparently, lots of people have moved without informing The Puzzle Factory
-- when update notices were mailed out recently, many of them were returned
by the post office.  Users of Macro68 who have not received an update
notice and who want to get the updated version should get in touch with The
Puzzle Factory at the address below.


The Puzzle Factory, Inc.    Voice: (800) 828-9952  Orders
P.O. Box 986                       (541) 935-3709  Questions/support
Veneta, OR 97487              BBS: (541) 935-7883  =>new area code<=
USA                      Internet:


68060 support added.  Many bugs fixed, most of them minor.


Macro68 is an assembler that supports the entire Motorola family including
the MC68060, MC68882/030/040 FPU, and MC68851/030/040 MMU.  Additional
capability includes the Amiga Copper.

The new Motorola syntax for 030 or later CPUs is supported, and Macro68
includes a utility to convert old-style syntax painlessly.  Old syntax is
also supported.

A unique feature of Macro68 is the use of a shared library, which is always
resident, and allows the use of preassembled resident include files for
incredibly fast assemblies.  These may be standard Amiga files, or any
header files may be used.  Additionally, a configuration file may be
defined that will set up a particular environment, or insert specific code
in all assemblies.

Most features limited only by available memory.  Directives include
Structure Offset for compatibility with the Amiga's interface conventions,
and Frame Offset for easy stack frames.  Full listing control and
cross-referencing.  Ability to customize directives and run-time messages.

Macro68 is fully re-entrant, and may be made resident.  An AREXX(tm)
interface provides "real-time" communication with the editor of your
choice.  A number of directives enable Macro68 to communicate with
AmigaDos(tm).  External programs may be invoked on either pass, and the
results interpreted.

Macro68 is compatible with the directives used by most popular assemblers.
Output file formats include executable object, linkable object, binary
image, pre-assembled symbol tables, and Motorola S records.


There's a review of Macro68 v 3.165 on Aminet, for example: (10707)


2 Megs RAM, V1.3 OS or later


US$150 + shipping.  Ground shipping is included in the U.S.  and Canada.
Others please call.
Upgrade price: $25 (from any version


Commercial software.  Copyright 1994-95 The Puzzle Factory, Inc.
Macro68 is a trademark of The Puzzle Factory, Inc.
Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.


Doug Sears <>.  I work with The Puzzle Factory, and submitted
this at their request.