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CyberShow Professional




Helmut Hoffmann
Rubensstrasse 4
41063 Moenchengladbach



A slideshow presentation program (including transition effects) and
universal picture viewer (incl.  PhotoCD support) and converter for all
Amigas (and Draco) and esp.  for CyberGraphX users (also usable without

This program can display pictures in many file formats (see below) directly
in windows on the Workbench (default public screen), in windows on public
screens or on it's own screen.  It also offers (borderless) viewing as
slideshow.  Optional transition effects can be used to make viewing
multiple files more interesting.  You can even zoom into pictures to
magnify parts or zoom out to get even large pictures fully on screen very
quickly.  An automatic presentation mode (configurable delay time) incl.
optional loop mode is also implemented.

If you have a suitable graphic board with CyberGraphX WB emulation
installed you can even watch the pictures in full color quality
(HiColor/TrueColor) on your Workbench.  Without CyberGraphX the normal
color restrictions (2 to 256 colors) will lead to a reduced quality, but
smart pen allocation during displaying will still give surprisingly high
quality with 256 colors.

You can switch forward and backward between images and scroll images in
their resizable windows.  An automatic preloading feature will reduce
waiting time to a minimum.  While you watch one picture (and maybe scroll
it around), the next picture will already be loaded, so that it will be
there if you decide to switch...  You can select down- scaled loading for
viewing in reduced size.  Unlike many viewers, this viewer reduces most
pictures during loading and will thus be faster for reduced size loading.

Additional features include conversion to some 24Bit formats (incl.  JPeg,
IFF-ILBM24, Targa), fast direct transfer to famous image processing and
painting programs (ImageFX, XiPaint, ArtEffect/PicoPainter) and deleting of

Internally supported formats for loading:

1) IFF-ILBM (1 to 24Bit incl. HAM6/HAM8)
2) PhotoCD (Base format 768x512 or 512x768 (portrait))
3) JPeg (color and greyscale)
4) PPM/PGM/PBM (P1&P4 b&w, P5 grey, P6 color)
5) QRT (also known as dump format by PD raytracers as POV-Ray)
6) Targa
7) PCX
8) BMP
9) TIF (packbit-compr./uncompr.)
10) EGS7.x window icons
11) DEEP
12) YUV
13) VLAB raw
14) RGB
15) HHsYUVSq sequence format
17) ACBM
18) FBM
19) Sun raster (uncompressed)
20) MacPaint (b&w compressed 1Bit format; datafork only)
21) HHsXRL formats
22) binary-EPS bitmaps (RGB and CMYK)
23) TBCPlus frames/fields

The additional DataType support extends this list by many formats;
DataTypes can e.g.  be found on Aminet in util/DType.  The DataType support
is very fast, so that you can also view pictures in GIF or other formats
quite fast for which Datatypes exist.


New in V6.0: + BestMode option for automatic selection of suitable screenmode
             + Width and Height options to select screenmode just by size
New in V5.6: + Delete function to get rid of unwanted pictures
             + Immediate scrolling during use of scrollbars
             + Random option to display pictures in random order
             + Extended information requester (e.g. number of pictures)
New in V5.5: + Additional menu functions for settings
New in V5.4: + Automatic "downscaling to screensize" option
New in V5.3: + Extended TIF support for "Intel" byte order formats
             + AppWindow (drop your pictures/drawers/disks into the window)


OS3.0 or higher required
4MBytes FastRAM recommended

Optional for TrueColor/HighColor viewing:
  cybergraphics.library V40 or higher and a suitable graphic board or
  The CyberGraphX emulation is compatible with many graphic boards
  (e.g. CyberVision, Piccolo, SD64, Spectrum, Picasso2, Retina-Z3,
        Domino and Draco/Altais)


Any Aminet site


Shareware fee:

     CyberShow Professional 30DM (in europe) or 25US$ (worldwide)

Together with CyberShow you can order fast universal modules for several
image processing/painting programs at the special add-on price of 10DM or
8US$ each; currently available: FastIFXModules (ImageFX),
UniversalGIOModule (Photogenics) and UniversalXiPaintModule (XiPaint); all
thoose modules include fast loading in many file formats and (new)
TrueColor animation creation for CyberGraphX or EGS.


Copyright by Helmut Hoffmann 1996

Limited demo version is freely distributable; registered users will receive
a keyfile which enables all features.


The freely distributable version has some restrictions (e.g.  all pictures
will only be displayed in greyscales) which disappear after you pay the
shareware fee and receive a special personal keyfile (together with the
latest version).  Once registered, you can use new freely distributable
versions as update with your keyfile.