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  Christian Bauer

  SMail: Christian Bauer, Max-Planck-Str.60, 55124 Mainz, Germany


Frodo is a multitasking freeware C64 emulator for the Amiga.

This emulator focuses on the exact reproduction of special graphical
effects possible on the 64, and has therefore relatively high system
requirements.  Using a 68060-50 and a CyberVision card gives about 140-160%
of the original C64 speed in standard text mode in the emulation's most
precise mode and about 700% in its fastest mode.

Using a line-based VIC model, Frodo is capable of running most games and
demos correctly, even those with FLI, FLD, DYCP, open top/bottom borders,
multiplexed sprites etc.  A single-cycle version of the emulator, "Frodo
SC", is included that runs even those programs that fail on the line-based

A graphics card (any one whose modes are selectable with a screenmode
requester will do) is strongly recommended for faster display as the
emulator's routines have been designed for a chunky display memory.

Some small demo programs and the full source code in C and assembly
language are included in the archive.

Changes from V2.0:
 - The C64 character ROM is now included in the archive
 - Fixed write errors in 1541 "Dir" mode
 - 1 bit Amiga mode fixed
 - SID type gadget is localized
 - Reset6526 stops timer B counting underflows of timer A
 - Sprite display can be turned off
 - Corrected VIC interrupt handling, raster interrupts can be triggered by
   writing to $d01a
 - CIA interrupts cannot be cleared by writing to the ICR
 - Better CIA 1 PRA/PRB emulation (keyboard/joysticks)
 - Corrected SAM CIA timer output mode display
 - SAM can be invoked from the "Illegal Opcode" requester
 - 6510 registers can be modified from within SAM
 - The file name for the "o" command in SAM must now be surrounded with
   quotation marks (")
 - Added load and save commands to SAM
 - Frodo SC: SAM "vv" command works
 - Frodo SC: Implemented 3-cycle-delay when starting timers
 - Frodo SC: LPY register reported wrong values
 - Frodo SC: Implemented simple sprite display (no collisions, no
   priorities, sprites are drawn over the border)
 - Frodo SC: Corrected display of background color in left/right border


OS2.1 and a 68020 (or better) are required, as well as copys of the
original C64 ROMs, which are not included.


  Aminet sites: /misc/emu/Frodo.lha
  Next Generation BBS, Germany
    Port 1: +49-261-805012  (Zyx19.2/ISDN)
    Port 2: +49-261-84280   (V.FC)




Freely distributable