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The Latest News from XTR........

None of the following is definite in any way so don`t come knocking on my
door if they never appear!!  However, there shouldn`t be any problems.

XTR CDROM - due to a problem with delayed/lost email some files went
missing.  A gold disc is being done next week and if that goes ok then
expect the game to be available by the end of the month.  The CDROM will
run on a CD32 and can also be partially or fully installed onto HD.  The
partial install is very small, and saves are made to the install directory.

XTR Editor - just got a couple of bugs to remove and much of the On-Line
manual to write (yuck!).  Goes into Beta-Testing in 7-10 days time.  The
editor resembles a Doom editor more than a track editor.  It is quite
complex since it is effectively one of our in-house utils, but if we can
use it, you can!  It features :

Fully OS3 compliant - yes, you can multitask and use it on gfx boards and
set the number of colours to use etc.

Friendly and Intuitive to use - standard Amiga menus with keyboard
shortcuts.  Full set of preferences.

Include your own tile sets and objects - example palettes to be included in
the distribution.

Track layout is done by placing tiles upon a simple grid.

Layout all the track boundaries, computer car routes, drop down points,
surfaces (inc.  jumps, water, etc), secret paths, etc.

That gives you some idea of how powerful it is.  But it will take a few
hours to learn to use purely because its not a simple thing to do.  A quick
step guide is included via a window that you can have on the screen at all
times - you can scroll through this window to see what you should do at
each step.

XTR Extra Tracks - 5 completely new tilesets and objects sets.  Sillier
than before, and more objects than before (just for those of us with faster

Updated Frontend and Race executables - time and disc space allowing there
maybe updated versions on the extra tracks discs.  The main aim is to have
each player able to select an Easy driving mode which doesn`t slide around
- boring but easy.  And also I may adapt the computer cars to slow down if
you are doing badly, so you don`t get left behind too quickly.

4 player joystick adapter support - its coded in but not tested yet!  The
coder has been busy buying and playing with a yucky P120 sysytem.

Warp Engine bug - We have found someone who has a problem on his machine
that is similar to this bug.  We know where the problem is now but not
quite what the cause is.  This is being looked over this very minute.  
Fingers crossed.

The Editor/Extra tracks/New Execs will hopefully be released early April,
maybe for a certain Amiga show if we can nab a space on a stand somewhere
:) They will be part of one package and will require the original XTR to
run.  Since there is quite a lot there including effectively a new version
of XTR that takes into account what critics haven`t liked (its too
difficult for them!!!) the price will probably be around 19.99 UKP.

Best Lap Times - we are just writing a couple of quick utils to enable you
display all your best lap times from any track (including add-ons) quickly,
and also another program to go through several lap time files find the best
lap times.  There will be included in the aminet patch to be uploaded in
the next 14 days (delayed slightly, many apologies)

XTR Web Site - I looked at some html on Friday and decided it was a price
of piss, so I am doing some proper Web pages.  These will include any news
about XTR, ordering information, screenshots of XTR, its editor, and the
extra tracks, a best lap time table, some hints about secret paths etc.,
and anything else you feel should be on there.  If there is enough disk
space it will also include the patches, some extra tracks, and so on.
Otherwise it should point to somewhere on aminet where the should be

I have had a couple of kind offers of web sites but if anyone (esp.  in the
UK on a fast site) has 2-3megs+ of space then please can they contact me. 
Very little work would need doing on the pages by anyone other than myself.
Eventually I will extend this site to include any other projects of ours,
although we may find our own site at that point.   Anyone know good places
to get cheap fast web sites?
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