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The Amiga is set to return to centre stage on the UK computer scene with a
major new showcase event to be held in APRIL.

Sponsered by Amiga Technologies GmbH, the German based subsidiary of Escom,
the show is being developed to effectively relaunch the Amiga following the
rescue of the machine from the ruins of Commodore.

World of Amiga '96 has been designed as a major public platform to
rehabilitate the Amiga in the eyes of the existing user base - as well as a
potential new generation of Amigoids - and to provide the Amiga business
sector with a significant source of revenue.

All the top Amiga companies are expected to attend the event - to be held
on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 / 14 at the Novatel, Hammersmith.

Supported by all the major Amiga titles, the show line up will include;

- Amiga Technologies GmbH which will use the event to unveil all the latest
  development for the Amiga.  (though yet to be confirmed, it is expected
  that the new Amiga 1200+ will have its first public showing in the uk at
  the event.)

[As the A1200+ has been cancelled, this is not going to happen.  However,
AT has indicated that its replacement will hopefully be on display in some
form or other by CeBIT. -Jason]

- Key software developers, many of whom have been holding Amiga packages on
  the backburner in the light of recent problems, but are now rushing to
  complete them in time to use the event as a launch pad.

- Add on developers whose interest in the Amiga has been stimulated once

- Amiga distributors.

- Amiga dealers from throughout the UK.


- A Games Arcade

- High End Applications

- Retailers

- Technical Advice Centre ( Being Manned by ICPUG )

World of Amiga organisers PBA Events has retained the services of one of
the most experienced show promotion agenciesin this sector, Cape Cowley
Associates, to ensure a well attended event.  CCA has previously been
responsible for the launch of ECTS, Computer Shopper and the Future
Entertainment Show.

"All the components are inplace for an AMIGA event, like of which we have
not seen since the hey day of the machine," says Peter Brameld of PBA

"We have a new and well financed manufacturer behind both the machine and
the event, all the Amiga mags have promised active support, all third
parties are eager to make money - and there is still a substantial user
base out there."

"Just how substantial can be seen by the fact on leading games house
recently sold 50,000 units of an Amiga version of one of its blockbuster
titles.  Now if that doesn't prove there is still life in this sector, I
don't know what does."

"World of Amiga '96 will provide the catalyst for the rebirth of the Amiga.
So let the good times roll again......"