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                               Reader Mail

From: Michael Wilkins (
Subject: Hi from an Amigan in Kyoto, Japan


I'm an Aussie married to a Japanese (2 kids) living here in chilly Kyoto.

I bought a CSA Derringer 030 25mhz, 882 50 mhz + 16 meg this year.  It uses
some CSA osftware "D3" in the user startup to promote speed enhancing
modes, one of which (D3 -res) maps the kickstart image into a special area
that will survive a warm re-boot and also further enhance speed.  After
installing OS3.1, I lost the warm re-boot facility and thus accordingly
some speed.

I have only a tech contact telephone number for CSA, which is a recorded
message and despite leaving messages with appeals for email contact,

Is CSA still in business?  Do you have a number or email address for them?

Does anyone know of any way to cure this warm re-boot problem?

I do not have news "Posting" ability yet so I'm hoping you might kindly ask
some knowledgeable soul to help out a very isolated Amiga fanatic.

I'm interested in hearing from any CSA Derringer owners.

     Unfortunately, I don't have any contact information for CSA.  Perhaps
     someone out there can give him a hand?  -Jason