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                       SupraFAXModem Review Fallout

[Just can't leave me alone...-Jason]

From: (Mathias Axelsson)

Hello Jason!

I read your review on the SupraFAXmodem 28k8 V.34, and I just like to comment a
few things.

JC> compatible with the Amiga.  As cables go, it's nice.  The modem also ships
JC> with some PC telecom and fax software, but you're on your own as far as JC>
getting Amiga software goes.

This one of the few drawbacks with the Supra modem.  A friend of mine
(another sysop) bought his SupraFAXmodem 28k8 V.FC modem on sysopdeal and
asked if he could get the GPFax bundle instead, but he still got the PC
software pack...  :( At least here in Sweden they bundled GPFax with the
old SupraFAXmodem 14k4 V.32".  It's a pity they don't do the same with the
sysop deal.

JC> forgotten the business of the Amiga community.  You'll find an Amiga tech
JC> support number listed in the manual, and they have Term on their 
JC> FTP site, as well as GPFax drivers.

Here's also a big plus on Supras side.  They finally made a flasher program
for the Amiga.  It gives an occational Enforcer hit, but it works. 
[Of course, now you can flash the ROM without the program, as I pointed out
in the review. -Jason]

JC> flashing LEDs and a small LED letter display, used for a variety of JC>
purposes.  The letter display indicates your state of connection, any

This is also great, because one can actually see when it retrains/recieves
errors, as well as the current connect speed.

JC> Real world use of the modem in an MLink network setup to Xnet at 28.8k 
JC> tends to give me in the range of 2700-3000 usable CPS.  (That is, I can

I, as a Fidonet sysop, calls different places every night to get mail, and
on big zipped (or lha/lzx:ed) files I get almost always 3200-3300 cps in
transfer rate (if I get a 28k8 connect that is).  I've been using the modem
for about 1.5 year (I got mine in September 1994) and it only failed once,
but that must have been an rare occasion.  Other Supra sysops I've talked
to has said that the V.34 modem is very stable.  Using NComm to download,
with the port set to 115200 (on my A3000/25) I get 3200-3300 cps as well
when up/downloading files.

Even on long distans calls (more than 500 km away) I still get good
transfer rates, so I class their modem as very good.

I can also say that they have great support, with quick response time.
They also have a great sysop deal.  I bought my SupraFAXmodem 28k8 V.FC for
US$ 169 + p&p.  The p&p was quite expensive for sending it to Sweden, US$
90 for one modem and US$ 20 for each extra modem.  I bought mine with a
friend, so I only got US$ 55 in p&p, but that is still very expensive.  The
modems was quickly delivered though.  Less than a week after I faxed the
order I had the modems.

I had problem with my first V.FC modem.  The display just went dead and I
couln't even flash the modem.  I had to send it in, and asked for them to
update the modem to a V.34 modem at the same time, and I got the modem
upgraded and sent to me for the upgrade cost of US$ 49.95.  That is truly

It's also great to see a company that still supports the Amiga.