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"VISCORP agreement complete"

Bensheim 23/01/96

Chicago - January 12, 1996 - Visual Information Service Corp.  (VISCORP),
an INTERACTIVE TV developer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and AMIGA
Technologies GmbH, headquartered in Bensheim, Germany, have finalized an
international license agreement to adapt, utilize, license and distribute
the AMIGA technology within VISCORP's interactive intelligent set-top TV
appliance - Electronic Device (ED).  The license authorizes VISCORP the
right to use, re-license and distribute the AMIGA operating system and
compatible parts of current versions of the technologies where the AMIGA
products are used as, or as part of, interactive television devices.

In 1995, ESCOM AG acquired all Commodore and AMIGA licenses, patents and
trademarks.  Amiga is an acknowledged leader in the computer industry in
the area of providing high-quality graphics for monitors and television
broadcasts through their sophisticated chip sets.  The combination of the
AMIGA hardware/software technologies and intuitive operating system makes
them a viable contender in the development of high-speed delivery for
complex graphic programming.  The AMIGA technology can import and adapt
software to the set-top box with minimal changes. 

By employing the sophisticated AMIGA chip set, VISCORP will have the
ability to provide a complex set-top appliance with multitasking functions
to integrate affordably the TV set, phone line, and network service
providers.  This ability has not yet been offered or available through
existing systems" said Jerome Greenberg, VISCORP's chairman of the board. 
"By utilizing our unique set top appliance and incorporating the AMIGA
technology, VISCORP is able to provide a complete practical solution for
interactive TV-services, and now the ability to access the Internet through
a standard TV set with pricing that makes sense for the average TV viewer".

The integration of the AMIGA system with the VISCORP set-top appliance will
allow access to the Internet, on-line services and voice "chat" programs
through the TV set.  As planned, ED will access any on-line services and
any address on the Internet's superhighway.  Access can be though a TV
remote, a computer keyboard, a touch-sensitive pen or the microphone in the
ED.   Additional plans will enable consumers to play games (e.g.,
individually, against a networked opponent), or enable home shopping,
electronic banking, and enable a subscriber to gain access to information
services through a TV set.


VISCORP develops and markets a brand of cost effective set-top appliances
for the home, business, government and educational users of interactive TV
devices.  VISCORP's set-top device integrates the television and telephone
line to access on-line services, interactive applications and direct
Internet service through the TV set.  Through blending of the existing
VISCORP set-top TV appliance and the AMIGA technology, VISCORP will be able
to provide a gateway for every household to enter into the age of
interactive services at a cost-effective price and user friendly

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