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Press Information

Bensheim 22.01.96

Amiga Surfer available!

The "AMIGA Surfer" pack will hit the shelves at the end of January 1996.

The "AMIGA Surfer" consists of an Amiga A1200HD multimedia system fitted
with 260MB hard drive and two megabytes of RAM, together with a complete
suite of Internet software and a 14,400bps modem.  The package will be
priced at approximately USD 720 (exclusive of VAT).  This complete solution
from Amiga Technologies is the cheapest available plug&play Internet

The Amiga A1200 is video-compatible and can be easily connected to a
Television set, saving the additional cost of a monitor.

Other Internet options soon to be available from Amiga Technologies
include: the "Surfkit", a package consisting of the Internet software suite
and modem, at an approximate price of USD 190 (excluding VAT).  A package
call "Surfware" is also being planned which will provide the Internet
software alone.

All packs will include an option to connect to the IBM Internet Link and
get 100 hours free connection.

About the Internet Software:

MUI3.2: Magic User Interface is an Amiga-OS extension that makes dedicated
applications more ergonomic with a friendlier user interface.  With MUI,
the user can also customise and configure their applications individually.

AS 225 R2: A new and completely reworked version of the original AMIGA
TCP/IP software is provided.  This software handles the connection between
the Amiga and the network.  [Note: This is I-Net 225, single-user version.

Mindwalker: The WWW Browser with MUI-support: A full featured graphical
World Wide Web Browser that can handle forms, bookmarks, search functions,
hotlinks and many more.

AMIRC: The IRC Client with elegant MUI interface, gives access to the
"Internet Relay Chat", where one can participate on-line and in real-time
to discussion forums.  Several thousands of users meet here daily to
discuss various topics.  Binary files can also be sent among users using

AMFTP: The FTP Client also uses the MUI-extension.  The graphical interface
of AMFTP makes the handling of files and directories from distant servers
very effective and comfortable.  The program works as a file-manager and
gives access to tremendous amounts of Amiga software available on the

Voodoo: The included E-mail manager is a fully new development and supports
the "Mime-standard" to send, receive and view graphics and other binary
files easily.  UU-Encoded binary files are also supported.   The advanced
user interface of Voodoo helps to handle electronic mail quickly and

The Surfer pack also includes the popular Amiga Magic Bundle's productivity
software of a wordprocessor, spreadsheet, database, organiser and graphic


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