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My current job gives me NO time to continue my Amiga Typeface Engine
project.  I'm opening up development to interested programmers.

Ultimately, whoever wants to continue development of ATE will get my source
code and development log and a license to use it to finish the program.
Whatever you end up doing with it is up to you, as long as it results in a
finished program to use PostScript type in any Amiga app; the original


Gordon Fecyk (
5531 McRae Street
Richmond, BC   V6V 2P5

Phone: (604) 526-8724 or (604) 681-1373 ext 105


If the final product will be free/shareware/otherwise publicly available
for little or no money, the only condition is you reach the original
objective; A typeface manager allowing PostScript type to work in any Amiga
application, preferably using a bullet.library style process (I kept
getting slammed for my hacker's approach).

If the final product will be for commercial sale, you and I must work out
some kind of payment for work already completed.  You must still reach the
final objective.

Sincere hopes:

I hope that someone else, with a lot more time on their hands than me, can
see Amiga Type Engine to completion.