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News Service Looks for Amiga Assistance

NY -- Operators and Troubleshooters needed.  We have a customized
application currently running on an AMIGA platorm with integrated PC-based
components and plans to fully convert to a PC-based platform.  If you have
related PC experience or you're very familiar with AMIGA operating systems
(i.e.3000's-4000's, SCALA/Infochannel software, Lightwave, PAR boards, AD
PRO, ARREX, SUPERGEN's, Studio 16's, AmigaDOS) have knowledge of PC's and
networking, are interested in animation/graphic art, are used to working
with industrial grade videotape recorders, and would like to get involved
in a new and very fast-paced type of innovative local news coverage that
combines digital photography-voice and music tracks, contact my E-MAIL at
America on Line (BRVID) to discuss temp., part-time or full-time work on
Long Island.  Entry, senior and management level positions are available.