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SoundStage is a new 16 bit audio card for the Amiga 3000/4000 series
computers.  It has been developed by Applied Magic Inc to operate in
conjunction with the Broadcaster Elite and the Digital BroadCaster32
(DBC32) JPEG video cards.  Zorro-III bus architecture has been implemented
to ensure maximum audio throughput (up to 16 channels), while playing the
highest quality video through the JPEG card.

Technical Information on SoundStage
  Hardware requirements
    - 32 bit Zorro III, i.e. Amiga 3000(T) or Amiga 4000(T)
    - 32 bit SCSI device.
    - An Elite or DBC32.   Note:  A stand-alone software maybe
      developed in the future if there is demand.

  Audio Inputs
    - 2 balanced XLR analog inputs.
    - 1 (Stereo pair) digital input (AES/EBU format).

  Audio Outputs
    - 4 balanced XLR analog outputs (i.e. surround sound capable).
    - 1 (Stereo pair) digital output (AES/EBU format).

  SoundStage Processor
    - 40MHz Texas Instruments TMS32C30 DSP.
    - Rated at 20MIPs and 40MFlops.

  SoundStage Memory
    - Audio sample memory: up to 4MB of static memory (SRAM).
    - Program memory is 32Kb of high speed dual ported SRAM.

  SoundStage Audio Support
    - 16 internal 16bit audio channels (with at least 2MB of SRAM).
    - Sample rates : 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KH.
    - Real time volume envelope control (i.e. no rendering).
    - Real time pan control. Place sound anywhere in the room.
    - Audio effects such as compression, noise gating, and reverb.
    - Audio scrubbing.

  Video Effects Supported
    - The SoundStage will also serve as a transition and CG
      rendering accelerator.
    - Accelerating transition rendering times to 4-10 faster over
      a stock A4000.
    - More complex transitions and video effects, such as 3D page
      turns with realistic rendering times.

  Retail prices
    - $1399 US with 0K of SRAM.
    - $150 US per 512K SRAM SIMM.
    - $250 US per 1MB SRAM SIMM.

Background on Applied Magic Inc.
Applied Magic Inc (AMI) has been in existence since the middle of 1994.  It
has been producing digital video editing products for the Amiga, such as
the Broadcaster Elite and MPEG playback cards for the PC market.  AMI also
developed "Producer", a non-linear video editing package that controls the
Elite and DBC32 JPEG hardware.

  Contact details:
    Applied Magic Inc.
    2649 Vista Way, Suite 837,
    Oceanside, California,
    92056 USA

    Phone: (619) 966-8080
    or: 1-800-619-ELITE
    Fax: (619) 966-8075

    World Wide Web: